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Hello there! I'm Sarah Bailey.

If you're looking for an experienced editor to breathe new life into your creative writing, you've come to the right place. 


As a lifelong student of the written word, nothing thrills me more than digging into a text and making an author's hard work shine at any stage of creation. Whether you need help developing your story, strengthening your prose, or cleaning up your text, I'm ready to help!  Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation!

"I couldn’t believe how spot-on Sarah’s developmental ideas and line edits were. What I struggled to put into words, she succinctly and clearly expressed in the letter. What’s more, her thorough yet encouraging feedback made me feel excited about jumping back into edits. Sarah’s fresh take inspired me to believe that there is yet hope for the book of my heart. With her thoughtful direction, I know how to make adjustments that will make this manuscript its best version."

Katie F.


Different stages of writing requires different types of editing. For complete descriptions of what I can do for you, please visit my Services page. 

Developmental Editing

A deep dive into "big picture" issues, including plot, pacing, characters, setting and world building, and genre fit. 

Line Editing

A detailed investigation of prose style, with special attention to concision, consistency, organization, and flow.

Copy Editing

A thorough check for clean grammar, correct punctuation, accurate facts, and industry-standard style. 

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